Executive Dysfunction Blues (or Inertia Blues)

MRI images of the frontal lobes of human brain with frontal lobes pointed out

I got the blues...

“Executive Dysfunction Blues” (or “Inertia Blues”)

[in the usual blues form]


[da dun da dun]

The sink’s full ‘o dishes

[da dun da dun]

And they ain’t clean

[da da dun dun]

I must get out

[da dun da dun]

from behind this computer-machine

[da dadada…]

I got the blues
the executive dysfunction blues
Got cobwebs on my feet
Won’t be gettin’ up real soon

[da dun da dun]

Why’d I come here?
This kitchen’s a mess
I wanted something…
I’ll remember it later …maybe, I guess?


Like I was sayin’
…uh, what was I sayin’?
I had a point
It was probably a good one — my brain can disappoint!


I can’t find my kitchen
or my feet
how the heck
am I going to find somethin’ to eat?


Just one more click
no more research today
I’ll stop real soon
at least that’s what I’ll say…


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